Lombard Development Forum hails women with purpose

The 15 member Lombard Womens Cooperative is into agriculture

The Village Voice

The Lombard Development Forum in the Collins Chabane Local Municipality has hailed the 15 women at Lombard Village in the Collins Chabane Local Municipality who have started the agriculture cooperative in the area.

The Lombard Women cooperative have been given land by the reigning Hosi M’tititi for agricultural purposes.

Lombard women Cooperative: ready to drive the wolf away from the door
Lombard women Cooperative: ready to drive the wolf away from the door

Giving them land Hosi M’tititi said he hoped they did not become like others who are given land and it becomes fallow.

“We are giving you land because you say you want to work and it is up to you,” said Hosi M’tititi.

The women did not waste time and started working the fields, removing trees by themselves.

The women have been daring smouldering heat to remove the thorny shrubs from the field.

They were in the process of fencing the fields.

The cooperative was started as an initiative of the Lombard Development Forum that felt community members needed to do something to develop themselves and their area rather than waiting for the government.

The chairperson of the forum Mr TH Mashava said the forum has initiated the formation of both the cooperative for women and the other for the youth.

“”So far the women have shown they are people with purpose and they are moved fast to make sure they achieve their dreams, “said Mr Mashava.

He said the forum was at their beck and call and it seemed the women are destined for success.

The secretary of the cooperative Vinus Hlatshwayo said the women are working hard and there is no reason for them not to succeed.

“We note the situation in the village where so many people are unemployed and we have vowed to create employment for ourselves,” she said.

They are aware the need proper fencing and water but to them everything will end up the right way.

“We have approached several prospective funders and we hope one of them will come to our aid, “said Hlatshwayo.

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