Call for unity on the Magona household of former Gazankulu Chief Minister SDW Nxumalo

Divided we fall, says the family

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One of the surviving siblings of the late leader Hosi Samuel Nxumalo, also known as Hosi Magona, Brown Nxumalo has called for unity within the Magona royal family in order to continue the legacy of the late leader.

The elderly Nxumalo was speaking at Magona on Saturday during the unveiling of the tombstone of the late leader who died on March 7 2015 at the age of 89.
Known as SDW Nxumalo, short for Samuel Dickinson Weller Nxumalo, he was a venerable leader who became the Chief Minister of Gazankulu homeland from April 1 1993 to 1994 when homelands were disbanded when the new democratic government took over.
His son Busa Nxumalo led the community while his father was still alive and thereafter. He died in 2020.

The late Hosi SDW Nxumalo is sorely missed by his community and family

Brown Nxumalo said his brother worked hard for the community and if the family failed to unite it will not be able to unite the community.
“A family is like a tree, with different parts including roots. Roots must be watered in order for the tree to grow and bear fruit ” he said.

He said the water to nourish the family is love and if there is no love within the family, the family will not unite and it will become the laughing stock of the community.
Three daughters and one son of the late leader told the gathering that they are rallying behind their eldest brother Mutshutshu.
“He is our oldest brother and also intelligent,” said Elizabeth Nxumalo.

She said although the children of the late leader had different mothers they loved one another.
Vicky Nxumalo, the youngest daughter said there were wedge drivers diving the children of the late leader.
“We love one another and we talk. It is only a day when all those diving the family are isolated,” she said.
The children said they were not to talk bad of those not present because they would please their enemies.
“We talk as siblings and it is not far away that we should talk with one voice,” said Vicky.
Hosi Eric Bevhula who was the friend of the late leader said the late lead introduced him to his son Mutshutshu.
“Mutshutshu Nxumalo and my late brother Mandla were our backbone as they financed all our projects, and now I am working on unison with Mutshutshu in development,” said Hosi Bavhula.
He said the app to approached the Kruger National Park for a partnership 15 years ago and so far the project has employed a number of people.

“Some malicious people spread the wrong message that we sold the land. We did not sell the land but utilised part of the land to partner with the park to create jobs for our people,” he said.
Another friend of the late leader was former school principal and later inspector Makasani Daniel Mathebula who said the late leader introduced him to politics.
The late leader was the man of the people.
During an event by the community to honour him while he was alive, many people came forward to hail him as someone who contributed to their education.

Mr Mutshutshu Nxumalo sitting with his late father’s friend at the event remember Hosi SDW Nxumalo

When SDW became chief minister of Gazankulu, he introduced an open door policy, allowing every resident of Gazankulu to be allowed to his office.
He also became the president of Ximoko Party started by the then late Professor Hudson Ntsanwisi.

And he became the leader who led Ximoko Progressive Party to join the ANC and he became an MP in the ANC’s ticket for a term.
For his sake, his divided siblings pledge to unite.
The eldest son Mutshutshu said there was confusion when close relatives who are not belonging to the Magona family get involved in Magona family matters.
He said as head of the family, he would not allow a situation when people exploit what appeared to be a vacuum.

“We have my father’s siblings as well as my siblings. They are the Magona royal family and they are responsible for matters affecting the family,” says the eldest son.

NB: We regret that in our story on Hosi SDW Nxumalo remembrance event, an impression was created that Mr Andrew Chauke attended the event. Mr Chauke was not part of the event. The only time he made comments referred to in the article was when Hosi SDW was honoured by the community when he was still alive. We apologise profusely to Mr Chauke for any convenience caused.

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