ANC man says one never gets too old to learn

Joseph Gezani Shitholani Chauke has acquired several qualifications at an advanced age

Joe Gezani Shitholane Chauke boasts of a number of qualifications acquired at an advanced age

The Village Voice

Respected ANC leader Joseph Gezani Shitholani Chauke of Shigalo village in the Collins Chabane Local Municipality in Limpopo says one never gets too old to learn.
Chauke has recently acquired a Bachelor of Arts degree in Policy Studies from the University of South Africa.

A happy Chauke is congratulated by well-known Prophet Jane Temba

He says that out of more than 500 who graduated with him, he was the only one who had an advanced age of 61.
“In fact I was the only elderly who mounted the stage to be conferred with a degree, “says Chauke.
He says that seeing himself the only elderly amongst the youth did not get him down.
In fact it has inspired him to do more.
“I am currently registered with Unisa to do an honours degree in African Politics and I hope to complete it in 2024,”he says.
He adds: “I have since realized that in life, age does not matter. At 61 I am achieving things considered difficult by the younger generation.”
Chauke has notched a number of qualifications.
He is the holder of the Bachelor of Arts degree in education as well as the BA degree honours in education.
He also boasts of a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Studies as well as a diploma in Local and administration both from Unisa.

He says he reads books and gets educated to inspire the youth.
“I am being an example to young people because as our future they need to equip themselves with skills to run the country, “he says.

It was a great day at Shigalo as many came to congratulate Chauke as he celebrated his academic achievements

He also boasts of a certificate in marketing and a certificate in the Employment of Workers also both from Unisa.

A school principal, Cbauke also previously held a position of a ward councilor in the ticket of the ANC and has held several positions in the ANC in the branch and regional level.

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