Author says his book will save marriages

New book: Save that Crumbling Marriage

Benson Ntlemo

Brand new author and lecturer Nduvazi Mabunda says his debut book Save that Crumbling Marriage will certainly save marriages.

The book recently published by the George Evaluation Group has a telling sub title, “divorce is sorrowful, despicable and energy sapping.”   

Mabunda who is the campus manager of Vhembe FET Shingwedzi campus says of his book: “I wrote the book out of pain when I saw couples divorce. I wanted to highlight how people proposed to other for love, how they got married and the challenges that they faced during marriage that led to divorce.”

Author Nduvazi Mabunda with a book he says will save marriages | Pics Supplied

There are different sub topics in the book such as the challenges of a man living without a wife or a woman living without a man.

He was honest enough that the book was not based on any research conducted but “I subject my mental state and writing skills towards building a society made up of families through marriage.”

In the chapter “Marriage Proposal”, Mabunda writes on what happens in the early stage during a marriage proposal.

He also writes a chapter on the role of family members as well as challenges during marriage, marriage interventions and divorce. “A man without a wife is a mess, “he writes.

Mabunda says the book is the right platform to look at the root causes of many divorce cases and to avoid them.

“Divorce is a choice, “he says.

“The initiator of divorce believes that he or she has had enough,” says the book.

But life after divorce is chaotic.

The book was introduced at the Miracles of God Church at Homu 14A of Prophet HJ Maluleke last Sunday.

“A spiritual gratitude goes to Prophet HJ Maluleke for all the scriptures that provided guidance towards the purpose of the book. May God bless you, “he wrote.

Mabunda says all the people especially couples will benefit from the book.

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