Top SA women hail Hosi Dr Nwamitwa’s authorised biography

Benson Ntlemo

Hosi Nwamitwa: The Rock That Never Cracked is a new authorised biography of Hosi Nwamitwa Two and has not yet been released but has been embraced by many top women leaders in South Africa as a good book.

The book detailing princess Lwandlamuni Nwamitwa’s struggle to fight male primonigeture that prevented her to be heir to her father’s throne culminating in her win at the Constitutional Court of South Africa will be officially launched at Nwamitwa Kraal Lodge on August 27.

The writer of the book Dr Peter Halala, former school principal and now a manager at the Department of Basic Education said of his book:”The fight against the principle of make make primogeniture is not her struggle but her inheritance struggle for all women globally.”

Former ANC Women’s League president in exile Gertrude Shope hailed the book.
“Through this book, we are given an insight into her fight to take up her rightful place as her to her father’s throne.”

Minister Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma said to Hosi Nwamitwa about the book:”Your journey illustrates commitnent determination,courage, and resilience.

It is a testimony that women have to stand up and fight for their rights to bequeath future generations a better world. Yours was not an individual struggle but for all women world wide.”

The book has been published by Skotaville Academic Publishing of Dr Mothobi Motloatse who hailed Hosi Nwamitwa’s story as “an epitome of true grit, tenacity and resilience , but also an amotional victory marathon over traditional prejudice against a girl child destined to the apex of her community,”.

During the same event the community will also celebrate the honorary doctorate conferred on Hosi Nwamitwa by the University of South Africa and could not be celebrated because of the Convid -19 pandemic

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