I have joined the MK Party, says Thanyani Mudau

MK Party leader addressing at a rally at Malamulele

The Know your neighbour leader says his party has agreed to join the new political organisation

The Village Voice
One of the notable surprises of the MK Party event at Malamulele Community Hall over the weekend was the presence of well-known leader Thanyani Mudau who is based in Vuwani in Vhembe and is the president of the Know. Your Neighbour party, the political organisation that has a seat at the Collins Local municipality council.

Mudau was introduced as “another leader with his party who has decided to join the MK Party.”
Mudau has a rich history in politics, having previously served the ANC in various capacities.
He played huge role towards the attainment of the municipality now known as Collins Chabane Local Municipality.
In an interview today, Mudau said he has joined the new party with his organisation.
“We previously held several meetings and the event on Saturday was to introduce the party in Limpopo. All the regions in Limpopo were represented to show the new party is a huge success,” he said.
He said he was happy to note that there was a busload of supporters from Muyexe village in Giyani who accompanied their local chief. There was also an association of headmen from Phalaborwa who announced they were joining the new party en block,” he said.
The event was addressed by Jabulani Khumalo who registered the party with the IEC.
Mudau is obviously a big catch for the new party.

Well-known leader Thanyani Mudau from Vuwani (left) is with MK Party organiser July Sithole outside Malamulele Community Hall on Saturday

He was the chairperson of the Vuwani Task Team that merged with the Malamulele Task Team to made submissions to the Municipal Demarcation Board for the fourth municipality in Vhembe that has become the Collins Chabane Local Municipality.
But they paid dearly for their stand as some had their houses burnt and they were to stay on hiding for some time.
Ironically those who suffered during the struggle for the new municipality like Mudau were excluded from the ANC list and those who were opposed to Vuwani being part of the new municipality were the once who benefited.
But Mudau says that is water under the bridge now.
“Now we have MK Party in Vhembe. This is our party,” he said.

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