Popular DJ Mahumani has come a long way

The story of from jiving for juke box to top performer

The Village Voice Reporter

 Popular artist DJ Mahumani has come a long way since the time he used to play a juke box and dance to the music.

Now he is a top performer and he has certainly served his dues.

DJ Mahumani has a story to tell

The artist whose real names are Evans Shirinda was born at Elim near Makhado 38 years ago.

“I went to the local Shihlobyeni primary school in the area before going to Lemana where I completed my high school education in 2007. I later went to Johannesburg where I did marketing at IQ Academy, “said the artist who said he grew up wanting to be a musician.

“I grew up interested in different genres of music  be it house, R&B, hip-hop, kwaito, rhumba or Xitsonga traditional, “he said.

He used to play them on the juke box and dance.

In the year 2008, he followed someone who used to hire music to an event.

“He taught me everything regarding music, “he said.

“From there I graduated to go to those who had hired the music and play there, “he said.

When in 2009, he was hired by Pick n Pay at Malamulele, they knew that they had hired someone whose heart was in music

“They used to give me day offs on weekends or I was allowed to knock off early. They knew that i was a Dee Jay and I used to perform at events.

“Later I worked in Gauteng, in both Johannesburg and later Tembisa. I combined both doing a fultime job and being a DJ at events. I also danced at events. “he said.

He served the roles of DJ and events coordinator at the same time.

Ï became popular as an MC and I was hired in many events, “he said adding that many people gave him compliments and said he was born for being an MC.

DJ Mahumani

“When I started my parents told me to quit saying there was no scope of making a decent living through music but now they accept that it was my calling and I am very thankful to them, “he said.

Now he is a successful artist with an Organisation Mahumani Entertainment.

“I teach young people dancing and organizing events. I have produced many but I also teach them that they must focus on their studies, “he said.

“As part of my project, I make sure that they abstain from alcohol and drug abuse, “he said.

His dream is to work for a radio station and with the way he is going, everything is possible.

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