Petite lass Nsumo Mhlongo looking forward to the Miss Makhado Royal final

I am inspired by Miss South Africa Ndavi Nokeri

The Village Voice

Nsumo Mhlongo, from Njhakanjhaka village at Bungeni is very excited she has reached the finals of the Miss Makhado Royal to take place on December 10.
The 23 year old lass who is studying electrical engineering at Western College in Krugersdorp is eager and hope to do well.

Petite Nsumo Mhlongo aims to do well in the upcoming Miss Makhado Royal contest
Petite Nsumo Mhlongo aims to do well in the upcoming Miss Makhado Royal contest

“I am happy I finally took what people said about me and it is paying off,” she said and added, “people used to remark about my body, that I am fit to be a beauty queen. They also remarked about my complexion and said it was that of a model.”
She said after she finally took into consideration what people said about her, she took part in the Miss Trinity early this year and emerged victorious.

In her short time as a model, she has since learned that being a model does not only lie in what people say about you but calls for hard work.
Being from the rural village of Njhakanjhaka, she says her role model is Miss South Africa Ndavi Nokeri, who come from similar background but made South Africans sit up and take notice as she emerged the winner of the coveted title.

“She is young and comes from rural background but this did not stop her achieving her dreams,” she said.
She says Ndavi has inspired many young women as she worked hard to get where she is.
“I also aim to inspire other young women to use my story that no matter the background, when you work hard you can make it,” she said.
The Village Voice wishes her luck in her journey to become Miss Makhado Royal.

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