Show Me your Number workshops mobilisers

More than 20 mobilizers from different parts of Gauteng attended the workshop about Covid -19 and Vaccine workshop conducted by Show Me Your Number on behalf of Community Constituency Front (CCF) in conjunction with NEDLAC Community Trust and SANAC Civil Society Forum and other stakeholders. The workshop is part of the efforts by various role players to respond to COVID-19 supported by the government of South Africa and the Solidarity Fund.

The aim is to encourage full mobilization within the community in different provinces like North West, KZN, Western Cape, Mpumalanga and Limpopo. The workshop paid attention on two legs made up of social and behaviour change and also vaccination. The presentation was simplified in a manner that mobilizers’ message is load and clear to them because a message is as important as the messenger.

Facilitator Pauline Maketa during the training.

Show Me Your Number’s Executive Director and the Co-Convener for the Community Constituency Front, Mabalane Mfundisi has emphasized that this can be achieved by preventing as much severe Covid-19 disease and death as quick as possible. Mfundisi said that “In terms of vaccination, we have started with the highest risk groups and work downwards to lowest risk. The benefit will be for the community at large and workplace survivals. This will prevent lockdowns and other social and economic disruption and also lead the society, education and economy to open up and resume in full capacity,”

Mobilizers were encouraged to give clarity in the delivery of messages, meet deadline and know their stories. The workshop started with information about Covid-19 like what it is, causes and other names related to Covid-19.

Facilitators reminded mobilizers that Covid-19 is a virus and it is also called the Corona Virus or SARS-Cov-2. “It is a respiratory illness that can be spread from one person to another. It also spreads through droplets from one person who has been infected with the virus,” said Mabalane.

Mobilizer, Dimpho Rampai (25) from Evaton West, south of Joburg said she learnt the government process where the vaccine come from and who is distributing them. “Today I am aware how Covid 19 spread and also how it stays in a human body,” said Dimpho.

Another mobilizer, Omphemetse Mfundisi (18) from Protea, Soweto said the workshop has equipped him with the knowledge of social and behaviour change and also vaccination. “I am ready to spread the message via the theme, Community matters, I am, You are, We are together in ending COVID-19, Think twice about Covid,” said Omphemetse.

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