Where are black industrialists? asks an unidentified writer

Benson Ntlemo

An unidentified writer recently observed as follows:

Blacks are amazing basketball players and they are billionaires through this….

Blacks are amazing soccer players, they are millionaires by joining soccer clubs in UK and Europe to make it big…they can then go back to their countries to be beneficial to their people….

Blacks are amazing musicians…

Look at Percy Sledge, Michael Jackson, The O’ Jays, Brook Benton, Marvin Gaye, Steve Wonder, Ray Charles, Louis Armstrong, Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin etc…these area images of success ingrained in our psyche…

Blacks are amazing DJ’s…Black Coffee, Bob the Jammer, Derrick May, DJ Heather, Jazzy Jeff, Franke Knuckle, etc …look at how they have achieved…

Blacks are principled actors…look at Denzel Washington, Forest Whitaker, Morgan Freeman, Cuba Gooding,Will Smith, Lawrence Fishburne, Wesley Snipes, Danny Glover, Samuel Jackson, Jamie Fox,Don , Sydney Poiter, Bill Cosby, Blair Underwood, Martin Lawrence, Richard Pryor, Wyans Brothers, Spyle Lee, Tylor Perry, etc…these guys are really successful.

Michael Jackson..the media was bombarded with his image

Blacks are good at sports…

Blacks are excellent at boxing

These images of blacks succeeding in these areas are reinforced over and over again on TV and the rest of the media…

We applaud these black excellence stars…

But why are black industrialists kept a secret?

But are why our youths bombarded with images that to be successful these are the areas off excellence available to you…?

But why are we not bombarded with black inventors?

  1. Marian R Croak…she holds over 135 patients on VOIP (voice over internet protocol) and has other 100 patients pending?
  2. Phillip Emeagwali…dropped out of school at the age of 14 but in 1989 used the honeycomb to develop the first computer that was able to perform 3.1.billion calculations per second.
  3. Garett Morgan…developed the gas masks. Look where we are today.
  4. Otis Boykin…development of electric circuit for pace makers after his mother died of heart failure. He proceeded to develop other 25 patients that included the development of IBM computers, burglar proof cash register, electronic resistor used in controlled missiles etc.
  5. George Crum…potato chip
  6. Granville Woods…60 patients on rail roads
  7. George Washington Carver…peanut butter
  8. Patricia Bath…invented lasephaco to remove cataracts and revive patients ‘eyes

Other inventions include traffic lights, refrigerated trucks, automatic elevator doors, microphones used in phones, cameras, etc…carbon light bulb filament, etc.

Ask yourself, why do we never hear of these giants?

As you watch TV ask yourself, why am I bombarded with these images?

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