Pat on the back for Hosi Nwamitwa

Hosi Nwamitwa II praised for attaining doctorate

By Benson Ntlemo

The awarding of the   Doctor of Law  (honoris causa) degree on the history making Hosi Nwamitwa did not go unnoticed.

After the University of South Africa conferred the degree on Hosi Nwamitwa, many South Africans have congratulated her for the feat.

Professor Tinyiko Maluleke,  Senior Research Fellow and Deputy  Director of the University of Pretoria Centre for the Advancement of Scholarship hailed this as “a deserved honour and one of the finest achievements in Hosi Nwamitwa’s illustrious life of service to the people of South Africa. I congratulate hosi heartily for this fine achievement.”

He said although every university has its own honorary degrees policy, in common was an insistence that only the highest calibre of persons are awarded these most prestigious degrees.

“At Unisa a committee of Council, the Honorary Degrees Committee, meticulously assess all nominees against the highest set of criteria, before recommending these to council of a final decision. In resolving to award the Doctor of Laws Honoris Causa to hosi Nwamitwa II, the University Council has satisfied itself that she meets the stringent criteria set out for honorary degrees’ recipients,” he said.

Renowned scholar Professor Muxe Nkondo who chairs Rixaka Forum, a cultural advocacy group and the Collins Chabane Foundation also congratulated Hosi Nwamitwa.

“The conferral of the doctorate on Hosi Nwamitwa is a visible sign and confirmation of Unisa’s vision and mission as the African university transforming itself in the service of justice, freedom and development,” he said.

The executive mayor of the Mopani District Municipality Pule Shayi also sent a congratulatory message to the royal leader,

“We wish to send our congratulatory message to Her Royal Highness for her honorary doctorate,” read the message.

It went further, “It is a unique achievement and we believe it should be celebrated by everyone within the district and beyond.”

Shayi said that judging from her previous achievement in which she fought for gender equality and became the first Valoyi female hosi following a landmark constitutional court decision ibn 2008,  many people will draw from her commitment and inspiration for years.

“We also learn from her wisdom as the chairperson of the House of Traditional Leaders in Mopani as she is playing a leading role in lobbying for development in the district,” said Shayi.

Esteemed though leader Dr Reuel Khoza said: “Bravo Queen Nwamitwa Valoyi on the honour bestowed on you by way of the honorary doctorate. Your exceptionally exemplary leadership in the arena of education when odds were stacked against African teachers by the Bantu Education system is in itself deserving of top accolades.”

Referring to the historical court ruling, Dr Khoza said: “Your valour in demolishing discrimination in African royalty is legendary.”

Dr Khoza continued,”the attuned leadership you provide to the Baloyi, subgroup of the Vatsonga Machangana in terms of vision and sheer resonance epitomizes quintessential African leadership :  humane, carrying, consultative, and cooperative. The honour conferred to you at this time the world could do with this type of leadership is crowning recognition for a leadership job exceptionally well done . Congratulations.”

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