Halcyon days are back, says community leader Lordwick Hasani Risimati

Nghomunghomu village used to boast two strong teams

The Village Voice

A former soccer play at Nghomunghomu village with Nghomunghomu New Nation has hailed the efforts of Prince Mutshutshu Nxumalo, the eldest son of the late traditional leader and former Gazankulu Chief minister Samuel Dickinson Weller Nxumalo to revive sports in the areas under the traditional leadership.

Prince Mutshutshu Nxumalo encourages people to take sports seriously

Risimati on Sunday staged a two team tournament at Nghomunghomu All Nations ground featuring Mashobye Masters and Nghomunghomu Masters assisted by Nxumalo, who is the first born son of the late Hosi Magona.

Both teams received new kits.

The Nghomunghomu masters were victorious, beating their rivals by a 2-1 score line.

And it provided a soccer fiesta to soccer starved masses in the area.

“I am excited with the way things are going. Our once popular teams have ceased to exist but now with the efforts of the chief elect to revive the sports, it will help restore confidence in the local people and they will be boosted to be involved in various activities including development, “said Risimati.

There is a time when teams like Nghomunghomu All Nation, Nghomunghomu New Nation, Mashobye Peacemakers, Magona Chief Defenders and Magona Sky Rangers used to be popular in the entire Malamulele area while featuring under the Giant Reefs Football Association.

Those days are no more.

A scene during the tournament at Nghomunghomu on Sunday between Magona Masters and Mashobye Masters

But perhaps the new initiative will bring back the times.

Addressing the people during the prize giving ceremony, Nxumalo said he was taking over from his father in terms of making sure that the community is busy.

Nghomunghomu Masters got this new kit for participating in the two-team tourney

He said he wanted the Masters teams in all the areas to be active together with development teams.

Said the chief elect Nxumalo: “The tournament was  to get the legends to participate in soccer. W@e also want the development teams in our areas to be active and learn from the legsnds.”

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