Hosi Makuleke hails history making granny at her funeral

Dr Lemson Maluleke’s late mother given a dignified send off

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Hosi Humphrey Mugakula who heads the Makuleke community has hailed the late granny Midlayi Nwa-Hasani Maluleke as a special granny.The granny who died aged 84 was given a dignified funeral at Makuleke today. The funeral service took place at Boundless Ministry, the church started by her son Dr Lemson Maluleke

She was the mother of 10 children, including Dr Lemson Maluleke, who is a pastor and a senior manager at Collins Chabane Local Municipality and a leader in the ruling ANC. However two of her children having passed on and Right survived her. Mugakulu is the eldest son of the late leader Hosi Joel Makuleke who recently passed on. Speaking to mourners, he said the late granny has a special place in the Makuleke community.”Tell me a woman at Makuleke who bore three pastor’s,” he said. He said three of the granny’s children are pastors.

Granny Midlayi Maluleke will be sorely missed

He said at one time she persuaded her husband to build a double storey house and her family is the first to do so at Makuleke.”When her son acquired doctorate, she was the first woman to have a child who acquires doctorate at Makuleke,” added Hosi Mugakula.He also said she went to the late Hosi Makuleke to acquire land to build a church led by her son Dr Gezani Lemson Maluleke as a pastor and it is the biggest in the area.

The granny with her makoti, Shane Maluleke, the wife of her youngest son James.

Hosi Mugakula further acknowledged dignitaries who came to the area to pay their last respect to the fallen granny including Statistician General Risenga Maluleke and Bishop Dr KW Maswanganyi who officiated at the funeral. She was regarded as a prayerful woman since her advanced age. She is survived by 8 children, 34 grand children, 6 great grand children and 4 great great grand children.

The special granny on the left celebrating her birth day with her sister
Hosi Humphrey Mugakula paying homage to the late granny Midlayi Maluleke at her funeral service at Boundless Ministry Church at Makuleke on Saturday

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