Ledet MEC praises regent for smoothly handing over power to the rightful heir

MEC Rodgers Moama also called on the community to support the new chief

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The MEC for Local Economic Development, Environment and Traditional Affairs in Limpopo has praised Regent Mbhazima Daniel Siweya for having smoothly handed power to the rightful heir to the Siweya throne.

Ledet MEC Rodgers Monama and Greater Giyani mayor Thandi Zitha during the official installation of Hosi Ndengeza

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of brand new senior traditional leader Hosi Thapelo Brilliant Siweya, Monama prasied Mbhazima for having relinquished the throne when the royal family requested him to.

“Your service to the people and your humility are admirable traits, “he told Siweya.

Monama further requested members of the community to support the new traditional leader rather than forcing their opinions on him.

Excitement after MEC Rodgers Monama gave Hosi Ndengeza a certificate of recognition as a senior traditional leader

“Respect his role and also respect our African culture, “he said.

“We have seen on some occasions, members of the community who are not part of the royal family forcing their opinions on matters of the royal family and we are happy here this was not so, “said Monama.

He said this was not acceptable and it should not be promoted.

“Your traditional leader is a visionary and already has plans to work together with the government for development, “he said.

He said he was also sending the message to developers and the municipalities to include traditional leaders in the work of developing the land.

Monama who was acting for Limpopo Premier Chupu Mathabatha gave the new traditional leader a certificate of recognition as a senior traditional leader.

The direct descendant of warrior king Nwamanungu, Rirhandzu Owner Siweya installed the chief.

He said the first hosi Ndengeza was installed by Nwamanugu years ago and it was history repeating itself.

Some of the notable people during the official inauguration of Hosi Ndengeza

He called on Xitsonga speaking traditional leaders to make a research on who was the king of the Vatsonga.

“This is the headquarter of the Vakomati and the head quarter of Vatsonga,” he said.

He said this was the period of the rebirth of the Vatsonga nation.

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