Collins Chabane Foundation say no to Zuma

Zuma wanted to visit Chabane’s grave during his visit to Malamulele

The Village Voice.

Former President Jacob Zuma and the late Public Administration Minister Collins Chabane. Picture Credit: Gallo Images

The families of two late liberation fighters namely Peter Malada, also known as Comrade Dambuza have barred former president Jacob Zuma from visiting the graves of the fallen heroes. Zuma will visit Limpopo on 19-20 January. He will be on the campaign trail for the newly formed MK Party which he has gone on record as saying was formed with his knowledge and blessings.He has said he would vote for it in the upcoming elections rather than vote for “the ANC of Ramaphosa.”He accused the new president of not leading the ANC “the ANC way”.But his hopes to visit the gravesites of his former comrades have received a knock as both families say they refuse to associate with him.The first to issue a statement was the Dambuza family.

Through it’s secretary Bohani Shibambu, the Chabane Foundation said it and the family are opposed to the visit as it is “insensitive and tramples on the right of their loved one.””Collins died a member of the ANC. He was quiet, disciplined, commited and dependable. His grave is sacrosanct to his family,” said Shibambu.Before addressing a crowd at Malamulele Community Hall, Zuma is expected to go to Muyexe Village in the Greater Giyani Local Municipality and address people at the royal kraal.It is at Muyexe where as president he piloted the Comprehensive Rural Development Programme as part of the GJ Zuma Legacy Project.He will also visit the projects that were started while he was president.

The refusal to allow him the visits to the graves of his late comrades were subjects of discussions in different media platforms.At Chabane’s funeral service at Saselamani Stadium in March 2016, Hosi Shilungwa Mhinga who leads the late Chabane’s Vanwanati clan asked Zuma to grant Malamulele it’s own Municipality and name it after Collins Chabane.”,I have heard you inkosi,” Zuma said. It will be interesting to see how much support he commands in both Mopani and Vhembe areas.

No comment was got from MK. Leaders spoken said they have resolved not to comment for the time being and focus on meeting the people.

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