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Prophet VC Zitha’s birth day celebrated internationally

Raphy Maluleke

The Salvation in Christ Ministries at Matiko Xikaya in the Greater BaPhalaborwa Local Municipality in Limpopo, South Africa is growing in leaps and bounds.

The church based in the Mopani district receives visitors from all over the world who are drawn to the church by the ministry’s founder Prophet VC Zitha’s reputed healing, deliverance and prophetic gifts.

When Prophet Zitha celebrated his birthday a week ago, it became a worldwide affair with messages of support from all over the world.

Prophet VC Zitha at Jake Botes Hall
Prophet VC Zitha at Jake Botes Hall

The festivities started with an exciting video mortgage of the prophet’s followers from various countries sending messages to him. These messages explained how they love the prophet and also expressing their gratitude to him for having changed their lives through prayers. Following three days of rigorous, yet enthralling services by the prophet from Friday May 19th to Sunday 21st, the ministry offered him a special gala dinner on the 22nd at a private location.

The evening was filled with joy, life and ministry as pastors and church elders took turns pouring their hearts out, recounting how their lives were changed after encountering the ministry of the prophet. The international partners and followers watched all the proceedings on the church’s TV station, God With Us TV, the ministry’s online broadcast channel which was streaming live via Zoom, YouTube and Facebook.

Many people worldwide have expressed how the church, through the prophet has impacted their lives. One of the leaders of the church Pastor Selby Mudanabula has hailed the celebration events for the prophet’s birthday as a roaring success. “The Polokwane event was held over two days, the 19th and 20th May,” said pastor Mudanabula, and added,” the 19th was a one on one encounters with guests from as far as Mozambique, Zambia and all South Africa’s provinces. “As a matter of covenant with his God all these years, Prophet VC has always offered a selfless sacrifice by giving to those in need during his birthday month. For that reason, Polokwane crusade came as a sacrifice on the altar where the prophet purposed in his heart that I stead of going for a deserved holiday retreat and rest with his family, he would rather give the moment to God by preaching, praying and delivering God’s people from their diverse afflictions.” Pastor Mudanabula said the theme of the crusade as revealed to the prophet came from Exodus 9 verse 1.

Prophet VC Zitha and the Prophetess receiving a warm welcome in Jake Botes Hall, Polokwane
Prophet VC Zitha and the Prophetess receiving a warm welcome in Jake Botes Hall, Polokwane

He said: “The crusade service was such a great experience to all the attendees who packed Jack Botes Hall to capacity and a makeshift overflow was improvised at the foyer area due to lack of space, he added. As said the ministry “was touched to see God using his servant the prophet ministering in power, praying for everyone and transforming lives through preaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

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