Phalaborwa church prays against corona virus

Benson Ntlemo

The Salvation in Christ Church has started prayers to ask God to end the corona virus that has ravaged the whole world.

In its service on Sunday, the leader of the church prophet VC Zitha led prayers asking God to “spiritually sanitize South Africa and the world against Covid 19.”

In the service there were about 19 pastors from various churches who visited the church based at Matiko xikaya area of Ba-Phalaborwa Local Municipality.

Prophet Zitha asked the 19 or so pastors to stand up.

Pic: VC Zitha Ministries Facebook page

He asked each one of them to make a prayer asking God to end the disease.

Each one of them was given a mike and said a prayer.

The pastors were coming from different parts of the country.

“I respect what God has given each one of you,” said Prophet Zitha to the pastors before asking the whole church to pray against the disease.

He is known for his liking of the phrase, iron sharpens iron, referring to the fact that pastors must work together rather than against each other.

“While doctors and nurses are doing their job, we as the church of God must not fold arms and do nothing but we must also contribute in the fight against corona, “he said.

The church has recently opened after president Ramaphosa pronounced that the country was going to Level One that allowed for 250 people inside a hall.

And the church follows all the regulations like screening, social distancing and masks.

Before the corona virus hit the world, the church received visitors from all over the world who come for healing and deliverance which are the hallmark of the church.

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