I will share my experiences, says well known motivational speaker

Nkhensani Khosa has been invited to the Covid-19 conference

Well known community builder Nkhensani Khosa has been invited as a panelist to the conference themed: Centering Ubuntu Healthcare in Society, “A trans disciplinary agenda during Covid -19 and beyond.”

Nkhensani Khosa invited to address the international Covid -19 conference

The conference has been organised by the department of Nursing Sciences at the University of Pretoria.
The international conference 2023 will take place on September 13-15 at Groenkloof campus, the University of Pretoria.
The statement from the organisers said: “The conference seeks to enhance Tran’s disciplinary collaboration and community engagement in health care.
The hybrid gathering serves as a platform for delegates to gain knowledge on current healthcare research and educational trends.
The conference will showcase the achievements of health care researchers, with a focus on health care practice, education, and leadership.”
The statement further said: “Against the backdrop of to Convid 19 pandemic, the conference centres on the values of Ubuntu philosophy such as solidarity, mutual respect, compassion, community, and sharing offer ways to assist each other with physical resources and psychological support. The Ubuntu model of care aims to reduce inequalities in health care provision and address the needs of vulnerable communities.”

When asked to comment on the invite, Khosa who is into poetry, drama and music said she was going to make a contribution.
“As a panelist, I will be sharing my experiences during the pandemic and how we can move forward from the trauma, hurt, damage and grief caused by corona,”she said.

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