Send children to Mhinga Special School: Vhembe Executive mayor

Vhembe Executive mayor takes back to school campaign to Mhinga Special School

Vhembe District Executive mayor Frieda Nkondo during her address at Mhinga Special school

The Village Voice

Vhembe District Municipality Executive mayor Frieda Nkondo today sent a special praise to Hosi Mhinga, namely Hosi Cydrick Shilungwa Mhinga for having started a school with specially challenges.
Mhinga Special School caters for learners with mental challenges and has an enrolment of 123 learners.
Speaking at the school during the last leg of the Back to school campaign the executive mayor praised the chief and his council for having started such a school.

“There was a time people hid people with challenges from the public and it is good to see people starting a school to assist young people with challenges because they are people too and deserve love,” she said.
School principal Khazamula John Makhubele said the school is faced with a lot of challenges.
“We hardly have water as the borehole has dried out, and also we have low enrolment because most of the children are from destitute families and they hardly have money to pay for transport to ferry the kids to school,” said Makhubele.
He also said they do not have a ground for the kids to train.
The executive mayor said she would send a technical team from the district Municipality to inspect the borehole at the school.

Councillor Joyce Bila, mayor Frieda Nkondo and councillor Rapson Rambuwani

She also said district would inform the department of education about the challenges of learners at the school with no scholar transport.
“We must also invite other parents to send their children to the school rather than them staying at home and do nothing,” she said.

Vhembe Executive mayor with fellow councillors give pairs of shoes and sanitary towels to learners at Mhinga Special school

She gave pairs of shoes to each of forty learners at the school as well as sanitary towels.
“We thought we were not noticed but we are happy that you have visited the school ” said the school principal.

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