Mphambo village on the world map with World Milk Day event

Motivational speaker popularise World Milk Day to rural community

Mphambo village on the world map

Benson Ntlemo

Well known motivational speaker Nkhensani Khosa has visited her rural village of Mphambo in the Collins Chabane municipality in Limpopo to popularise today’s event World Milk Day.

Nkhensani Khosa drinking milk at Mphambo to teach kids about the importance of dairy products to health

As the build up to today’s event, Khosa who is also a poet and musician visited three families and addressed destitute kids about the importance of dairy products.

She gave talks on how important dairy products are to one’s health.

She later gave the kids the dairy food such as milk and yogurt.

Khosa is one of the mobilisers of the World Milk Day event.

She belongs to PERFECT Opportunities the company formed by her famous younger sister Dr Hlami Ngwenya a well-known figure on the international stage as a facilitator of conferences.

Khosa is Dr Ngwenya’s partner in PERFECT Opportunities the company that plays a vital role in events such as the World Milk Day.

In the village she visited the families identified as destitute with a local woman Anna Chauke.

“It was so educational. I was telling them about the importance of milk products to one’s health,” she said.

Dr Ngwenya is a special facilitator for Emerging Ag, the company that is coordinating World Milk Day global campaign on behalf of the Global Platform.

In her other contribution, she has composed a poem dedicated to the day whose CD she released today. This is an important contribution to World Milk Day.

Observed on June 1 each year since 2001, the day has been formed by the Food and Agriculture Organisation to bring attention to activities to do with the dairy products.

International Milk Day shows that milk is a global food.

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