BN Press appreciates Google funding for The Village Voice

The Village amongst more than 450 entities from 52 countries selected for funding

The Village Voice

BN Press, publishers of The Village Voice newspaper have expressed appreciation and gratitude after the publication was selected for funding from the Google News Equity Fund.

Following the public announcement made in different media platforms today, The Village Voice is amongst more than 450 entities from 52 countries selected for funding.

The message from the News Fund Equity team to The Village Voice, read: “We are so excited to share with you that you were selected for this funding and can’t wait to see the tremendous impact it will have.”

The announcement was made on the morning (November 15) and the names of all the list of all the selected recipients, with The Village Voice amongst them, were published on the Google website.

The news was also amplified through Google’s social media accounts on Twitter, LinkedIn and through its GNI newsletter.

BN Press managing director and The Village Voice’s editor Benson Ntlemo was beyond himself with glee.

“This is something to dance about. But we shall not disappoint but will use the funds to improve our work by informing the community and will do everything following Google’s guidelines on the utilization of the funds, “said Ntlemo.

The Villages Voice is a Limpopo publication popular particularly in the Mopani and Vhembe district.

Its headquarters are in the Collins Chabane Local Municipality in the Vhembe district.

Ntlemo said they planned to assist young people who aspired to be journalists.

“We shall have some workshops to assist young people who want to learn to write because I also learnt from others,” he said.

The Google News Initiative works in collaboration with publishers and journalists to build a more sustainable, diverse and innovative news ecosystem, it said in its website.


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