Grandfather who died aged 90 raised 33 professionals

TRIBUTE TO GRANDFATHER Mdun’wani Wilson Nghwana

Grandfather, 90, praised left a mark with many professionals among his children
Benson Ntlemo

Although he himself never went to school, Limpopo granny Mdungwazi Nghwana Chauke of Magona Village who has died aged 90 has been praised for his nation building contribution through his many children.

Born in Valdesia on January 1 1932, Nghwana who was the fifth born son of Nghwana and his wife Nwa Lambhaza died on March 18 and was buried a week ago. He was married to seven wives but only one Nwa-Shirilele Chavalala Chauke survives him. He is also survived by 29 children, 65 grand children, 76 great grand children and three great great grandchildren.

The late Wilson Nghwana who died aged 90 left a huge mark because amongst his children and grand children, there are 33 professionals

Chauke started working at Borchers now known as Sapekoe. He later worked at Moeketsi. After his life on the farms, he later worked on the mines and went to Pan African Mines.

He retired in 2003 while working at Chamdor Steel.
Following his passing, many people heaped praises on him.
One of his sons advocate Andrew Chauke said that although his father had many wives, he was impartial and looked after all his children.

“He was a disciplinarian and had no space for people who disrespected him,” said advocate Chauke.
He also said amongst the granny’s children and grand children, there are many professionals.
“Amongst his children and grandchildren, there are advocates, lawyers, doctors, principals, nurses, marketing executives,” to mention some and added, “there are a total of 33 professionals amongst his children and grandchildren.”
Dr Tirhani Mabunda who is the director of Nyukani Education Centre in Giyani was one of the late granny’s in-laws after his brother married in the Chauke family. He praised the dead man for having lived enough to see grand children, great grandchildren and great great grandchildren.

He said the fact that the later man’s children and grandchildren are important people in society says so much about the late granny. “Despite his lack of education, he promoted education himself and he has made the country better,” said Dr Mabunda.

The grandfather was given a dignified funeral service at Magona. Speakers also included deputy minister David Masondo, musician Penny Penny and advocate Ernest Khosa on behalf of Rixaka Cultural Forum.

Many say he may have been uneducated but the old man has left a mark in society.

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