Arch Bishop Malungani receives praises for giving to worthy causes

He dedicates his birth day month to giving

The Village Voice

Prof Dr Malungani speaking at Makosha on Saturday. Pics Cecil Hlulani Mabunda

Professor Doctor Mlunghisi Erasmus Malungani, the Arch Bishop of the Don’t Blame God International Ministry at Mbekwana at Nwamitwa and founder of Vision FM have pledged to give to worthy causes for ten months starting from his birth month of February.

Last weekend, the arch bishop went to Makosha in the Greater Giyani Local Municipality and gave donation to two projects in the area.

At the event held at Xihlamariso Day Care Centre, the bishop gave an amount of R5 000 to Ha Hluvuka Project for the disabled and an amount of R7 000 to Lwandlanenene health care centre.

Both Esther Mashimbyi, Hahluvuka manager and Matimba Mabale, Lwandlanene manager praised the cleric for the donations.

Dr Malungani said his own story has a moral lesson that no one should cast anyone aside on account of any weakness.

“At a young age, I went mental, and this was so for ten years. During that period, people laughed at me and nobody gave me a chance, “ he said.

He said only God knew that he had a role to play.

“God turned my life, and my fortunes were turned around and I have become a responsible member of society, ” said Dr Malungani.

He has become renowned church leader who runs a church with branches even in neighbouring countries of Mozambique and Zimbabwe.

He is also believed to be strong on social responsibility as he has built some houses for destitute people.

Because of his bad background, he has decided to use his birth month to thank God for turning his life around.

“I have decided to dedicate ten month from February to worthy causes. I will donate to worthy causes and I will also do work by word of mouth and motivate those who have lost hope and give them hope, “ he said.

He said his story is that no one should be rejected because God can use him to shock his detractors.

Hosi Makosha and local leader Dr Japisa Mathonsi also praised the doc for changing lives.

The event was attended by many people who included Hlulani Mabunda, the secretary of Lombard Development Forum, Glory Chauke, the chairperson of Lombard Womens’ Cooperative as well as Innocentia Mabasa the secretary of Lombard Youth Cooperative.

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