Man accused of raping a donkey speaks out

I have weak erection, man accused of raping a donkey tells traditional court

The man from Roadhouse Village who is accused of having raped someone’s donkey has set the cat amongst the pigeons when he said he suffered weak erection and could not have raped a donkey.

The man was speaking at the Shigalo Traditional Court headed by Chief James Shigalo after complaints by a local man Joel Baloyi who said he found the man raping his donkey in the mealie fields and when he saw him he climbed down the donkey, zipped his pair of trousers and said:” I am sorry.”

The man disputed Baloyi’s account but claimed that since that day when they met all was not well between them.

But he claimed to be ignorant why Baloyi could have reported the matter.

“I could not have raped the donkey because I have erectile dysfunctioning and it is difficult to get an erection,” he told the court. Asked by the headmen who served the role of prosecutors if he had a wife he said his wife died four years ago but he had since got a live in lover.

Asked how he satisfied the lover given his having erectile dysfunctioning he said: “Her role is to cook for me and my children.”

This saw giggles reverberating in the court room.

The tribal elders were divided into two; some saying there is no smoke without fire while others said a donkey could have kicked him. Some however said the donkey could not kick him because of arousal.

After listening to the arguments, Hosi Shigalo asked Thompson Ntlhamu, the tribal clerk to read the cases that are handled by the tribal court and those without its jurisdiction. He then said he was transferring the matter to the Malamulele magistrate’s court.

“There are cases that I can handle and those that are handled by the magistrates. If I handle this case I will be burning my fingers,” said Hosi Shigalo. Both the accused and the complainant said they were satisfied with the verdict and were prepared to see the case handled by the magistrate’s court.

By the time of going to press it was not known whether it would be on the roll or not.

This is a developing story. Read latest update here

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