Greater Giyani Local Municipality says it is doing something about youth unemployment

Councilor Cedrick Baloyi says some mines will be opened to offer employment to the youth

The Village Voice

Greater Giyani Local Municipality says that it is aware of youth unemployment in its area and it is doing something to try and remedy the situation. The question of youth unemployment took a centre stage at the Mopani Mayoral Imbizo held at the Miracles of God Church of Prophet HJ Maluleke on Wednesday. Various speakers were lined up by Mopani district speaker Martha Maswanganyi to raise various issues affecting them. A representative of the youth accused both the district and local municipalities of doing nothing to address the problem of unemployment affecting young people.

Councillor Cedrick Baloyi representing mayor Thandi Zitha at the Mopani imbizo on Wednesday

“There are offices in both Greater Giyani and Mopani, but we are not being employed. We have degrees but our gowns are gathering dust. Crime is rife and it is as a result of so many young people not employed. We have qualifications please employ us in our offices,” said a young woman representing the youth.

Greater Giyani councilor Cedrick Baloyi who represented Mayor Thandi Zitha said with little budgets, the municipalities will not employ many people. “As government, we are creating the environment that will yield jobs, “said Baloyi. He said there are several mines that have been discovered in Greater Giyani and once they are opened, many jobs will be created.

Acting mayor Cedrick Baloyi, acting Mopani mayor Nyiko Bembani and Prophet HJ Maluleke

He also mentioned the Shangoni Gate to be opened by the Kruger National Park at Muyexe as also something that will also create some jobs. He said all the villages have been electrified and that only extensions have not been electrified.

Speakers representing different stakeholders addressing the imbizo

Mrs Chauke from Homu 14B also requested the government to find development projects in the community. She also said drop in centres are not being assisted adequately and there is no enough food for orphaned children and the destitute.

The Homu traditional leadership complained that the municipality had not completed the Bermuda road from 14C to Vuhehli after having promised to do it some time ago.

There also complained about the uncompleted Homu sports stadium.

“It is not as if the government is doing nothing. We know what it has done but we appeal for the government to do what it can to complete what has not been completed, “said a lady representing women.

Councilor Nyiko Bembani Baloyi who represented executive mayor Pule Shayi promised to organised an urgent meeting with the Homu traditional leadership and community structures to discuss urgent matters like the issue of the uncompleted stadium and the road.

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