MEC angry as 19 year old strangles grandmother, 74, to death amid witchcraft allegations

MEC Rakgoake says no one has the licence to kill as 19 year old allegedly kills grandmother

Benson Ntlemo

Limpopo MEC for social development Nkakareng Rakgoale says she is saddened by the proliferation of gender violence and related cases in Limpopo at the height of campaigns to stem the tide.

Rakgoale reacted and expressed the sadness after a 19 year old man allegedly killed her 74 year old grandmother amid allegations of witchcraft.

MEC Nkakareng Rakgoale | Pics supplied

Sayina Baloyi of Hlanganani Township outside Elim was allegedly strangled to death by her 19 year old grandson,

According to the information at the disposal of the police, the 19 year old accused his grad mother of bewitching him.

Police have confirmed that they have arrested the 19 year old in connection with the murder of his grandmother and he will appear in court today.

The angry Rakgoale says she is worried that there is continued violence perpetuated against the vulnerable in Limpopo.

“The 19 year old who has taken away the right to life of his grandmother must be tried and if found guilty must be sentence to lengthy jail term,” said Rakgoale.

She says the man must be denied bail when he appears in court.

She added: “As the department tasked with responsibility to care for the elder persons, children and people with disabilities, we are worried about this violence perpetuated against people in these groups,” she said

There have been many similar such cases in Limpopo recently. Some of the cases happened last week.

Said the MEC: “We are calling upon the courts not to grant bail to abusers and killers of women and children.”

Social workers have also been deployed to the area to provide psyco-social support to the Baloyi family and other affected parties, she said.

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