Self-made Penny Penny warns in song against corona

By Benson Ntlemo

Penny Penny…song contributes to fight against the spread of corona virus | Picture supplied

World famous musician cum political leader Penny Penny says his new song is aimed at savings lives from the corona virus ravaging people in all countries in the world. The Greater Giyani has come out with a new CD dubbed Corona 2020. The song which is also on YouTube tells people to take lockdown regulations seriously.

“The song is my personal contribution in the fight against the corona virus. In the song I am telling people to heed the president’s call to stay at home and save our lives. As a musician I know my message reaches the people faster than that of ordinary people. I have decided to use my music to send the message that people should heed the regulations,” he said.

Penny Penny urged other politicians of other parties to do same and use their influence to educate people about the seriousness of the disease “It pains me to see parents allowing their children to play in the street and ignoring the regulations on social distances. This is not about the president but about our lives,” he said.

The singer who has won many awards since he recorded his best seller Shaka Bundu with Shandel music many years ago has grown in stature over the years. He is also a leader of Swilombe an association of artists and is also hosting an international show on DStv dubbed Pappa Penny ahe. He is also known as a person who calls a spade a spade

Penny Penny has also made a video of the song.

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