Brand new leader calls for peace amidst division in the royal house

Vusimuzi Andrew Nxumalo appointed acting Hosi Magona

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Newly appointed traditional leader acting Hosi Magona, real names Vusimuzi Andrew Nxumalo, has called for peace in the royal house amidst division in the Gidjana Royal House of the late Gazankulu Chief Minister SDW Nxumalo.

Hosi Vusimuzi Andrew Nxumalo sitting at the center inaugurated at Magona open ground
Hosi Vusimuzi Andrew Nxumalo sitting at the center inaugurated at Magona open ground

Talking following his inauguration as the acting leader in the footsteps of his late elder brother Busa Charles Nxumalo, Nxumalo said there has been division in the family in the run up to his inauguration.
He appealed that now that he has been appointed, people should bury the hatchet.
The event was not without drama, as members of the government were refused entry into the royal kraal by the new chief’s half-sisters who wanted nothing to do with the inauguration.

Hosi Mudabula and other dignitaries

It seems the Gaza Kingdom led by the new leader Abednego Nxumalo has a job to do to unify the Magona royal family which seems to have factions.
The new leader also told the community to support him and said he had an open door policy.
Hosi Eric Mdabula in his message to the new chief said the unity of the royal family is important.

July Sithole at the event at Magona

“We are all going to leave you behind and you will remain with your family. You need to do a lot to unify the family because without the unity of the royal family, you will fail, “he said.
But the message from Hosi Mudabula is the standard message he says in all occasions to advise newly appointed traditional leaders.
The new chief was officially inaugurated by Limpopo MEC for cooperative Governance, housing and traditional affairs Basikopo Makamu who urged the new chief to work harmoniously with neighbouring traditional leaders for the development of their communities.
Makamu said he was going to give the new chief a bakkie to enable him to serve his people.

MEC Makamu during the inauguration of acting Hosi Magona

“You must emulate your late father SDW Nxumalo who was one of the first ANC’s parliamentarians in Cape Town after the first democratic election in the ANC ticket,”said Makamu.
Hosi Bungeni who stood in for Limpopo House of Traditional Leaders chairperson Hosi Pheni Ngove told the new chief that he must work with both the district municipality and the local municipality for the sake of developing his people.
“As hosi, you must never shun government programmes such as the IDP because they are the avenues to bring development to your community, “he said. He said he and other traditional leaders will get closer to the new chief after event to show him the ropes.

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