Praise for two families for burying granny ‘like a president’

Community admires the extravaganza as Nwa Xolwani’s tombstone is unveiled

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Two families were praised for the “like a president “event at Salema in the Collins Chabane Local municipality on Saturday.

The event was during the unveiling of the tombstone of the late granny, Nyanisi Nwa Xolwani Mthombeni who died in December last.

Granny Nyanisi Nwa Xolwane Mthombeni's final resting place, thanks to the Mthombeni and Siweya families
Granny Nyanisi Nwa Xolwane Mthombeni’s final resting place, thanks to the Mthombeni and Siweya families

Born on January 14 1914, she died on August 5 2022 at the age of 107.

The granny’s tombstone unveiling was held on Saturday amid pomp and ceremony.

It was a day to remember as community members admired the standard of the event.

Two prominent figures Hosi Shigamani and the venerable retired principal Mafemani Noel Mathonsi praised the Mthombeni and the Siwela families for the splendid honour to the departed granny.

During his speech, Mr Mathonsi asked member’s representing the two families to come forward.

The two who came from the Siwela family were Mr Obed Siwela and his wife Noria who was the late granny’s daughter.

The Mthombeni family was represented by Mr Victor Mthombeni, the granny’s son and Noria Siwela’s brother.

From left to right: Hosi Shigamani. Mihloti Mthombeni and business mogul Rirhandzu Owner Siweya

Then Mr Mathonsi gave credit where credit was due.

Then Mr Mathonsi said: “What you have done to give the granny a dignified send off and also organised a splendid unveiling event for her will go a long way to motivate others to follow in your footsteps. Many will learn from you.”

He said it was important for people to look after their parents.

Hosi Shigamani, who is the secretary of the Malamulele branch of the Congress of Traditional Leaders of South Africa, also praised the two families for burying the granny “like a president”.

“The marquee tent and the tombstone are normally used for presidents and business people. Kudos to the families especially her grandson Rirhandzu Owner Siwela, “said Hosi Shigamani.

Rirhandzu Owner Siweya who is credited with upping the standard of the event is well-known businessman and the owner of Witbank based Mbuyelo Coal. He is also a royal, the direct descendant of the legendary warrior Nwamanungu and he is one of the applicants for Vatsonga kingship.

Both his father and mother talked at the service.

The granny was said to be a reputed dancer at cultural Xigubu events

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