Meet music new kid on the block Cecil Hlulani Mabunda

Mrena Manghezi, as he is called, is a friend of the late Dan Tshanda of Splash fame

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For a new artist, Cecil Hlulani Mabunda’s debut album Mrena Manghezi is a huge success.

New kid on the block Hlulani Mabunda

Known musically as Mrena Manghezi, he has released a sizzling album titled Ka M’tititi, the 15 track album that has literally taken the music scene by storm and  catapulted the new muso to instant stardom.

“I have received positive reaction from countries such as England, Malagasy Republic, Botswana and Mozambique, “said Mabunda of the album which was released on August 11.

Hlulani , who is from Lombard Village under the M’tititi Traditional Council says that his new music offering in found on different music platforms such as  Boom Play, Sportify, YouTube, Amazon, Deezeer and others.

Thirteen of the tracks were recorded at Focus Studio at Halahala owned by Hlulani Sithole.

Two of the tracks were played by Sub-k from Maun, Botswana.

Already music fans have fallen in love with several tracks such as Ka M’tititi, Ka Va Kokwani, Mrena Manghezi and Masilonyana.

His music journey started around 1993, when as a youngster he followed  the music of the late Dan Tshanda of Splash fame; and  searched online.

He found that the Dan Tshanda type of music was very popular in neighbouring Botswana.

The new CD titled Mrena Manghezi/Ka M’tititi is a hit

“I hooked up with SUB- K and not so long I was also playing for him,”said Hlulani who works in the administration of the Collins Chabane Local Municipality.

 Very passionate about his music, Hlulani is busy distributing T-shirts that popularize his new album.

He has also come out with the T-shirts of the album.

He started his passion for music around 1993 but started the studio in 2020

His album was recorded at Focus Studio at Halahala owned by his fiend, namesake and well known producer Hlulani Sithole.

All tracks mixed by Hlulani Sithole except two mixed and mastered by Sub-K in Botswana.

Hlulani Mabunda is on lead vocals while Mfuneko Nadia and Vunene Mdungazi are on backing vocals.

Booking for Mrena Manghezi: 0670727604/0791729098/0784435294

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