Mathabatha hails hosi Muhlava 2 for continuing the legacy of his grand father

Mathabatha hails Hosi Muhlava 2 for continuing grand father’s legacy

Mathabatha hails Hosi Muhlava 2 for continuing grand father’s legacy
Premier Stanley Mathabatha | Pic by Freddy Rikhotso

Premier Mathabatha delivers eulogy at the funeral service of Hosi Muhlava II

Benson Ntlemo

“When Hosi Muhlava II ascended the throne in 1972 it was to build on the revolutionary legacy and tradition of his grandfather who is counted amongst the founding fathers of the ANC and the architects of the freedom we enjoy today.”

Limpopo premier Chupu Mathabatha said these words today at the funeral service of the late hosi Mpumulana Samuel Muhlaba who died at the age of 74.

Hosi Muhlava 2 was the greatson of Muhlava 1 who attended the ANC’s inaugural meeting in Bloemfontein in 1912.

Hosi Muhlava 1 died in 1944 the year his grandson was born.

Mathabata was accompanied by MEC for cooperative governance and traditional affairs Basikopo Makamu.

He said Hosi Muhlava II himself left a proud legacy as a community builder of note.

“When he ascended the thrones there were few schools and he helped build many schools. There were also few clinics and he helped build clinics in his area,” said Mathabatha.

He said the late chief did not just fight for the return of land, but fought for the land to be utilised maximally.

MEC Rodgers Basikopo Makamu | Picture supplied

“Today there is a flourishing industrial park in Nkowankowa and the Bindzulani Complex that the national department of trade and industry  and MEC Thabo Mokone’s department of economic development and tourism area recapitalizing to ensure their expansion of jobs, “he said.

He said people should support the government’s measures to fight corona virus.

If our people play their part of social distancing, stay at home and wash their hands we shall beat the corona virus.

He said he hoped after the epidemic people will be able to meet and have a service to remember Hosi Muhlava II.

He also said the Hosi Muhlava 1 memorial lecture will become an annual affair for the ANC.

There were only three traditional leaders in attendance Kgoshi Malesela Dikgale on behalf of the house of traditional leaders and hosi PC Ngove and hosi Lwandlamuni Nwamitwa as relatives.

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