HIV not a death sentence, says Tebogo Monyai

Tebogo Monyai
Tebogo Monyai Pic supplied

Girl with disability and HIV positive status remains strong
Although she has a disability and has been diagnosed a being HIV positive, a 26 year old University of Limpopo student remains strong and does not need an pity.
Tebogo Monyai who is partially blind is motivating other people who may be regarding HIV as a death sentence.
Her ambition to make it in life is still there and still there and is determined to succeed.
She recently visited Vhembe TVET College at Makwarela to give a motivational talk to students.
This was during a function organised by the department of higher education and HEAIDS and it coincided with the official opening of the campus clinic.
Addressing her peers and other guests, Nkoana narrated a harrowing tale on how she hot infected by the HIV virus.
“It was sometimes in 2015 while I

was attending a family gathering at my grandmother’s house Burgersfort here in Limpopo when I fell victim to rape.
I was helpless when even family members could not help me in that predicament.
I was very confused and stressed,” she said.
Nkoana said she thought she would forget the incident with time but the worst was still to come.
“In 2017 I tested and was diagnosed with the HIV virus.

This was the worst tome of my life.
I felt like my life has slipped away and that I was going to die.
I thought of taking my own life but decided against it.
I heard of a support group on campus and after a careful thought decided to join the campus support group who gave much encouragement,” said Nkoana.
She further indicated that after a series of engagements she finally found out there is more than life after HIV and her life for the better.
“Here I am today on the verge of completing my degree and this would not have been like this had I focussed on the negatives than the positives.
I am here as an example that there is life after HIV.
Being HIV positive is not the end of the world.
I say to you all take charge on your lives, lead responsible lives and all will be well with you,” she said.
Many commended Nkoana for being bold and standing up to the challenge of living with the HIV virus.

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