Angry mob burns the house of a businessman

The situation was tense today at Gandlanani village in Giyani following an orgy of violence that saw enraged community members burn the house of the family of well known tycoon David Maswanganyi known as Vahlavi.

Community members also torched Maswanganyi’s cars and also burnt some people closely related to the businessman. The violence that engulfed the Village is sequel to the disappearance of one Mahlori who went missing on 16 August and is believed to have been killed and community allegedly link the businessman to the man’s disappearance and supposed death. They claim a local man told members of the community about what happened to Mahlori and who were involved.

It is believed 23 people were arrested today but this cannot be verified as The Village Voice is seeking a comment from the police. This is a developing story.

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